HORRIFIED страна: Греция год образования: 1989 стиль: Melodic Death Metal состав: Gore - вокал Stavros - гитара (ex-Varathron) Thanos - бас (Septicemia (Grc)) Akis Kapranos (aka Lethe) - барабаны (also in Thou Art Lord, Mournblade (Grc), ex-Septic Flesh) ранее играли: Timos - гитара Spiros - гитара Stelios - барабаны 1990 - The idea of forming a death metal band was swirling around Gore’s head for months, back in 1989. Finally HORRIFIED came into being in early 1990 with the following line up: Gore – Vocals, Timos- guitar, Kostas –bass, Stelios – drums. After a couple of live demos their first official one was released in late 1990 entitled “Prophecy of Gore”. The response of the underground scene was enthusiastic. They signed with the local underground label Black Power records. 1990/1 - They released the 12”EP “Eternal God”. It is now considered as a cult and rare release among the fans. After the release of the 12”EP Timos left the band. He was replaced by Stavros (ex-VARATHRON, ROTTING CHRIST). 1992 - The 7”EP entitled “The Ancient whisper of Wisdom” hit the market. Female Vocals, orchestral background and other avantgarde elements at the time were introduced to the death metal scene. HORRIFIED sounded more powerful, original and atmospheric than ever! New line up new ideas. Lots of live shows with bands like ROTTING CHRIST, SEPTIC FLESH, DEATH COURIER followed. The German label Rising Sun (BLACK SYMPHONY, ANGRA, CRIMSON GLORY) expressed interest in signing them but they had already a deal with Black Power. 1993 - The first full album of the band entitled “In The Garden Of The Unearthly Delights” was released. The response was amazing. The new hope of Greek Death Metal. 1994 - The band suddenly decided to split up, Gore relocated in London, Stavros and Thanos helped other bands like ROTTING CHRIST and NIGHTFALL at the world tours. 1998 - A formula of exchanging music ideas over long distances was found and the band decided to reunite. Black Lotus Records was on the hunt so the pact was made. November 1998 - New album! Title: “Animal”. The most polymorph death metal band. Amazing reviews around the world. 1999 - Live shows with bands like IMMORTAL, SODOM, MANOWAR, MERCYFUL FATE, SEPTIC FLESH. 2002 - Recording of the new album in Athens at PRAXIS studio and mixed at Fredman studio in Sweden with Fredrik Nordstrom as the producer. A mix of atmospheric music with brutal aggressiveness.