TOTAL DEVASTATION страна: Финляндия год образования: 1998 стиль: Death Metal состав: Lauri Pikka - программирование, вокал Jarmo Pikka - барабаны Jaakko Heinonen - вокал Saku Hakuli - гитара Pasi Hakuli - бас Harri Pikka - гитара New and old elements meet in the music of Total Devastation: harrowing death metal aspects combine with machine-generated and sampled sounds while the whole thing is crowned with brutal vocals. The more mellow and laid-back parts bring the dynamics and variations of mood. The way for the band has been illuminated by the likes of Morbid Angel, Carcass, Autopsy, Entombed, NIN, SYL, Ministry, Neurosis and Laibach among others. In summer '98 Lauri Pikka and Jaakko Heinonen came up with the idea of a band, which would be good clean fun in all its brutality and senselessness. Together they quickly recorded the demo Roadmap Of Pain - strongly inspired both musically and lyrically by the movie The Frighteners. The second demo Blood Culture followed shortly, this time featuring also Harri Pikka on guitar and Janne Dufva as guest vocalist. At this stage friend Ville Heiskanen tagged along and took upon himself the band's lyrical responsibilities. The third demo Fallen Mankind was finished in early 2000. The feedback from various demo review columns and other listeners was surprisingly positive. A year later, this outing was followed by the fourth demo Divine - Ecstasy. Its production was considerably more thought-out and mature compared to the earlier releases. The band got exclusively positive feedback and praise. Among others Metal Hammer and the main Finnish music magazines Soundi and Rumba ranked the demo as "best of the month" in their review columns. Gigs in Finland followed soon after and the third Pikka brother Jarmo joined the band as drummer, while the positions of second guitarist and bassist were filled by the identical twins Saku and Pasi Hakuli. TD entered the studio with a full line-up in summer 2002 and recorded the demo Left Hand Of The Devil, which got the band a record deal with Firebox Records. The debut album was named after the first demo and saw release in June 2003, receiving immediate critical acclaim. The band began serious gigging all over Finland in clubs and music festivals with the likes of Entombed, The Crown, Rotten Sound and Lullacry. Two music videos were directed by Jussi Rautaniemi while new material was being composed by all of the band members. The second album Reclusion was recorded and mixed at Sound Supreme studios and mastered at Finnvox Studios in late 2004. Compared to the debut release, Reclusion displays a more fresh and surprising TD approach to playing. The familiar machine and sample elements are still going on strong: creating atmospheres, effects and melodies while the emphasis is on a crushing and dynamic band sound. The Autopsy cover song In The Grip Of Winter and a video of Reclusion are included as bonus material on the first pressing of the album. The video is again directed by TD's court artist Jussi Rautaniemi